Giving HOPE to patients and families in need!
Our Inspiration: Evan Cousineau
Nine-year-old Evan Cousineau was a vibrant three-sport athlete when he was diagnosed with a genetic metabolic disease.  Our lives were turned upside down on May 1, 2007 when we were told that Evan had NO HOPE. Because of our "Fight for Evan", we now fight for every patient and family in need by raising awareness and helping educate the nation about donation in all capacities, so we all have HOPE!!

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Be A Hero, Become A Donor
Drives from June 7, 2007
- until January 31, 2015 ~ 23,127+!
February 7 Delete Blood Cancer Marrow Drive, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Wisconsin Student Nurses
Association Convention
Kalahari Resort & Convention Center
1305 Kalahari Drive
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Hours: 8:00 – 11:00 
Center Exhibit Hall
Lead: Laura Moon
Drive code: BAH300
February 12 Delete Blood Cancer Marrow Drive, Valpo, IN
Valpo University
836 LaPorte Ave.
Valpo, In 46383
Rm. 108 of LeBien Hall
Lead: Chris Kurtz
Drive code: BAH301
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New Mission to aid newborns...
Read about our work to add ALD to newborn screening in California
California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program
Mothers helping othersWelcome to California's Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program.
This website is designed as an informational resource for expectant parents, patients and their families, as well as health-care professionals, researchers and the general public.
Cord blood is used to treat a variety of diseases, ranging from anemia and cancers of the blood such as leukemia and lymphomas, to disorders such as sickle-cell disease and severe combined immunodeficiency or "bubble boy disease."
Through the Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program, mothers of newborns will be able to donate their babies’ umbilical cord blood and have it publicly banked so it is available to anyone for lifesaving transplantations.
Cord blood is also valuable to researchers searching for new clinical uses of stem cells.
Cord blood donations are accepted in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento areas.
To learn more, please explore our hyperlinks or contact us at 844-734-CORD (2673)
or ucbcp@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu .    Thank you!
Expanding Newborn Screening to Include ALD
Sent to Prision ex drug dealer paints for families
ST. PAUL, Minn. - Life sometimes carries us to deep, dark, places. This is a story about climbing out. It starts with a self-absorbed drug dealer standing before a federal judge in Minneapolis. Michael Bellotti was 24 years old, a veteran of multiple arrests - and newly sentenced to more than 12 years in prison. "To listen to the judge convict him was probably one of the worst things a parent could ever hear," says his mother, Diana Williams. "It doesn't even seem real," adds Bellotti, looking back. As he was hauled off to federal prisons in Sandstone and then Duluth, Bellotti couldn't have slipped much lower. Turns out, that's what it took for him to begin picking himself back up. Encouraged by another inmate, Bellotti started painting. He'd lost interest in his studies early on in high school, and certainly didn't take an art class. But once he started, he couldn't stop.   
He painted Evan's portrait - you will see it in the bottom right he's wearing a suit & red tie...
Follow the see more link: 
MU Student meets patient he saved....
Motivation for college students to save lives....
New FB "College" Be A Hero Become A Donor Page
Calling all college students to do get involved in running a bone marrow registry on your college campus.  We have all the tools, will provide all the training as well as supplies, to make your event a huge success.  If you have a group of friends, are in a club, sport team, part of Greek life, please contact us for more information on how you can add the best potential donors to the national registry....young, healthy, diverse, quality donors!!  Contact Gina for more info.  
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BAHBAD Donor writes letter to patient at 1 year anniversary
Andy Gausepohl,
medical student at USC,
shares his thoughts with
patient he gave life to.
Your baby can save a life
In a public bank, the umbilical cord blood of Leidy Sanchez and Carlos Reyes' son, Christopher, is available to help anyone.  Read the whole CNN story here...
Public cord-blood banking is best
By Sarah Bay
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript columnist
Monday, November 5, 2012
We all know the medical world is rapidly changing and that new technologies come and go like the leaves flying by our windows this fall. These medical changes are even happening in the business of pregnancy and birth, despite the fact that the basic mechanics haven’t changed since the beginning of time. For example, let’s look at the new technology, procedure and recommendations relating to umbilical cord blood storage.
Cord blood donation surges as hospitals launch public collection programs
When Amalia Kessler was pregnant with her first child, Stella, in 2008, she knew she didn’t want to waste the baby’s valuable umbilical cord blood, which can be a life-saving source of stem cells used to treat cancer and other diseases.
Aquatics center provides reminder of family's loss, hope
Entrance to San Clemente’s new swim complex is named the Evan Cousineau Reception Lobby after a 9-year-old water-sports enthusiast who died in 2007 of complications from a rare genetic disorder. His family is the driving force for Be a Hero, Become a Donor, a foundation that aims to save lives through donations of blood, marrow, cord blood, organs and tissue.
Marrow Miracle Saves Young Boy's Life
Fox 11 News video report:
Watch here...
Together We Can Make A Difference
Reflections from a 4th grader  http://gallery.me.com/kjschellin/101817 
Savannah's dream
“Her dream was to have her own organic ranch some day,” Sachen said. “She was an incredible kid. She was such a wise old soul, very intelligent.” Sachen, of Aliso Viejo, created a foundation called Savannah's Organic Ranch in his daughter's honor and has been planting organic gardens at Orange County schools in her name ever since.
Read all about it here:

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